Alison Nicholls balancing an ostrich egg on her head

Ostrich Egg Is Easier To Balance Than Paint!

Imagine painting in watermedia; using loose washes of color; overlapping the washes; creating a layered, yet still transparent background. Now imagine trying to do that on an ostrich egg.

Alison Nicholls balancing an ostrich egg on her head

You have no idea how long it took me to get this photo!

I hate to say it, but I may have met my match!

The washes of color actually look great on the egg –  the dimpled surface being vaguely similar to a strange piece of watercolor paper – if only I could get the washes of color to stay on the egg. Instead, the beautiful pale washes slide down the sides and collect underneath, where they morph into disappointing blobs before dripping straight off the egg onto the table.

And this is before I have even decided on the actual subject I am going to paint. At this rate I will be making the artistic equivalent of scrambled egg…

However, eggshausted as I am, I will not admit defeat. Tomorrow I will hatch a new plan (sorry, sorry, sorry).

Before you ask:
Why am I doing this? For a wildlife fundraiser. More details coming soon.
Where did the egg come from? An ostrich farm in the US.
Is the egg full? No, it is empty!

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