Leopard by Nigel Nicholls © 2013

Leopard by Nigel Nicholls © 2013

When I arrived in Africa in 1994, I was keen to see as much wildlife as possible, but their tracks (or spoor) were a complete mystery to me. I soon found out that a cat track has 3 lobes on the back of the large pad – perfectly displayed in this photo of a resting leopard by my husband Nigel Nicholls.

I knew I would forget this piece of information so I made up this little rhyme “one, two, three, cat up a tree” to remind myself. Even though I don’t need the rhyme anymore, it still pops into my head whenever I see a cat track!

I am guessing I’m not alone in trying to find ways to remember information.
What do you do?

Until next time…

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One thought on “1, 2, 3, Cat Up A Tree by Alison Nicholls

  1. yogasuji

    what a shot! we made upa short ditty if thats what its called during yoga teacher training to remeber the seauence of asanas: someone should have made pasta before sitting down at Kevins party tent. way complicated! but I passed…


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