A Fool & Water Go The Way They Are Diverted.

A fool and water will go the way they are diverted.

I came across this great African proverb in an Africa Geographic blog, posted by Tuli Safari Lodge in Botswana. We all know that water takes the path of least resistance, the easiest path, the quickest path – downhill. And you can divert water, because downhill is always the easiest path.



As an artist you can also take the path of least resistance and be easily diverted from your path. When that happens, your art generally follows the same route – downhill!

Have you chosen paths which you knew were difficult? Paths that meant you had to climb uphill rather than coast downhill? These paths often take you out of your comfort zone. Its something I have tried to make a habit of doing, and every time you do something that scares you or makes you nervous, you find it wasn’t so bad, that the fear was worse than the actual event, that your comfort zone has expanded. What seemed terrifying becomes possible, sometimes even enjoyable. There was a time when I was terrified of speaking in public. Now its hard to shut me up!

Have you overcome a fear in your art career?
How did you do it?
And congratulations!

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