Art Eclipse!

Art, Science and Kids – what could possibly go wrong?

Art Eclipse with Alison Nicholls

Yes, there is nothing like combining cardboard, binoculars, colanders and art on the driveway on a hot day in August. Can you tell I am desperately trying to reproduce a segment from Blue Peter? (I’m showing my age and UK background with this reference.)

Art Eclipse with Alison Nicholls

Just aim the binos at the sun (without looking at the sun) and the image will project onto the ground. The cardboard around the binos provides some shadow to make the eclipse more visible when its projected. Its very difficult to keep the image steady, as my neighbor, Mike, discovered. He thought he’d come over to see the eclipse but we really needed him to stand absolutely stationary for an hour projecting the image on the floor!

Art Eclipse with Alison Nicholls

Of course I completely forgot to take a photo of the projected eclipse image, although you can just (only just) see it at the top of Charlie’s paper on the image above. 2 other sets of neighbors popped by and one rushed back with some Xrays – which you can use to look at the sun and see the image very clearly. It was a fun neighborhood event.

Eclipse Art by Alison Nicholls

My own eclipse art turned into a little abstract. Never having painted an eclipse before, I was quite pleased with myself!

Until next time…keep on painting.

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