Artist Alison Nicholls

Artist Alison Nicholls

Artists have structurally different brains compared with non-artists, a study has found.

Dr Rebecca Chamberlain from KU Leuven in Belgium scanned the brains of art students and non-artists and found that the artists had more grey matter in an area of the brain called the precuneus. According to Dr Chamberlain “this region is involved in a range of functions but potentially in things that could be linked to creativity, like visual imagery – being able to manipulate visual images in your brain, combine them and deconstruct them”.

Maybe this explains why I am able to compose my paintings while I’m out walking my dog – seeing images in my mind’s eye and thinking about color and composition.

My husband, who emailed me the link from the BBC News Science and Environment website, obviously had a different take on the subject – his email was titled Artists’ Brains Are Different and was followed by a number of exclamation marks, rather more than was necessary I remember thinking!!!

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