Elephants Avoid Busy Nights at the Local Bar - an Update on Wildlife Corridors in Northern Botswana

I recently posted about Wildlife Corridors being set up in and around Kasane, a town in northern Botswana. The corridors give animals like elephants and buffalo places to cross the road in order to reach the Chobe river, and have been set up by Elephants Without Borders. Tempe Adams, a PhD candidate, has been using camera traps to monitor the use of the corridors by wildlife and found some amazing results.

“It’s amazing,” she says. “There’s a bar at each of the corridors they have to pass by. I was looking at the results and I could suddenly see there’s this big drop in wildlife coming through on Friday and Saturday nights. I thought what’s going on? It’s so obvious … animals are adapting to our habits — and our drinking habits,” adds Adams.

We know elephants are smart but sometimes we have to reminded of just how smart they are!

You can read the whole article here on CNN’s Inside Africa page.

Learn more about Elephants Without Borders.

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