I Saw a Lion

As I looked at my paper, covered in loose watercolor washes, lines and splashes, I saw a lion, dozing under a tree. (Check out my previous post What Do You See? to see why I painted the washes without knowing what they would become.)

Dozing Lion by Alison Nicholls

Painting like this, with no specific species or composition in mind, is a complete change to the way I normally work, and that’s what makes it so much fun. When I ‘saw’ the lion, I knew he needed to blend into his environment, as a lion does in the wild. A simple silhouette seemed the best way to go, so I drew the shape out on paper first, then (using the same colors I’d used in the washes) I painted the lion. The painting reminds me of several lion encounters I’ve had over the years, and I’m pleased with the result – the simplicity of the painting process and the finished result.

4 thoughts on “I Saw a Lion

  1. susanne bosshard

    die Schnauze eines Wolfes mit einem Auge, das voller Aufmerksamkeit etwas fixiert.
    Beobachtung aus europäischer Sicht.
    Greetings Susanne


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