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In an art-related email newsletter, I came across the excellent idea of the painting scorecard. I can’t find the original article so, with apologies to the author, here’s how it works. You create your own painting scorecard, with relevant categories (composition, values etc) and use it to give each of your completed paintings an overall score. Here is a overview of the categories I chose to use in my scorecard:

Evaluating Preoccupied Pair with my Painting Scorecard
  • Composition – is it interesting / does it move the eye around the painting and towards the center of interest?
  • Light – is the light source consistent in direction and strength / did you use values successfully?
  • Color – does the color palette support the intention of the painting?
  • Washes – were you bold enough with your washes / did you use lost and found edges?
  • Detail – was it used excessively or expressively?
  • Intention – did I meet my intentions for this work?
  • Opinion – am I chuffed (pleased with/proud of) this painting?
  • For each category I give a score out of 10, then add them up for an overall total. The descriptions (you just see an overview here) ensure that I consider each category carefully. So far I have scored 10 paintings and have already found some interesting trends – showing areas I need to improve on.

    Creating the scorecard doesn’t just allow you to evaluate your paintings – the act of creating the scorecard also shows what you value in a painting. In addition, I am using my scorecard throughout my design and painting process, to remind me of the categories and their importance in the creation of a successful piece of art.

    Do you have any other tips for evaluating your art?
    Happy painting!
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    2 thoughts on “Painting Scorecard

    1. Chloe Fenech

      Great idea, I already take a lot of notes during painting – what to improve, what to keep in mind from past experiences, so I think this would be a great excercise 🙂

    2. Alison Post author

      I think we work the same way, Chloe! Writing is a big part of my painting. I usually do a written brainstorming session early on in my composition process. I may have a visual idea in my head, but I like to write out the components too. And this scorecard has been really helpful in evaluating my paintings individually but also as an overall portfolio.


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