New Limited Edition Giclées by Alison Nicholls

New Limited Edition Giclées by Alison Nicholls

Sometimes I’m contacted by someone who loves a particular painting but the original is already sold. Or maybe the person wants the piece but doesn’t want to pay the price of the original. In either situation, having reproductions available for sale is a great help. I can only create a limited number of original paintings during the course of a year, so it essential for my business too.

My original paintings are professionally scanned or photographed and the resulting high resolution digital file is used to create the reproductions. Both Prints and Giclées are Reproductions. The term ‘Print’, although commonly used, has become associated with low quality reproductions or posters, so I try to avoid using this. A Giclée (pronounced jik-lay) is a French word meaning ‘to spray’. It refers to the fact that most reproductions are created on ink jet printers which spray the paint onto the paper, canvas or other surface. An Edition of Giclées is a set of the same size and printed on the same surface. A Limited Edition is a set where the artist decides to only print a certain number and each will be signed and numbered by the artist. If the edition is only 10 pieces, the pieces will be numbered 1/10, 2/10, 3/10 etc. After all 10 are printed and sold, the artist will not produce any more in this size on this surface. For this reason, Limited Editions are more valuable than Open Editions, which are not numbered and where the artist can produce the same piece any number of times.

My reproductions are all Limited Edition Giclées, printed either on watercolor paper or on canvas, using archival inks. My Field Sketch Limited Edition Giclées are reproduced in editions of 10 or 25, on watercolor paper. The Limited Edition Giclées of my large acrylic paintings on canvas are generally available in editions of 100, in 2 options:

  • printed on canvas at the same size as the original painting (eg. 24×30″)
  • printed on watercolor paper half the size of the original (eg. 12×15″)

The issue of reproductions can be confusing but it is always worth asking questions if you intend to buy them. Limited Editions can be a wonderful way to build a collection of art at an affordable price.

See Limited Edition Giclées of my Paintings.
See Limited Edition Giclées of my Field Sketches

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