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Art chart by Alison Nicholls

Art Tips: ChARTing My Progress

Charting my progress is fun as well as helpful, when I’m floundering a little.

I’ve just taken down an exhibition of my work, and I’m left feeling a little uninspired, a little unmotivated. There are too many ideas whizzing around in my head and I’m not getting started on any of them. So I decided it was time for a review of where I am with my art and where I’d like to go next. I found my stack of papers containing new painting ideas, admin tasks that need doing, social media plans, exhibition ideas etc.  I wrote them all out on a large piece of paper then saw that they fitted into 4 categories. The categories are linked by arrows. So, for example, when I travel, I create new art, which I market online. 

Art chart by Alison Nicholls

Here’s the really interesting part – the most important categories are Art and Travel (they have the most outgoing arrows) because they are my ‘creative’ categories and what happens there affects everything else. If I didn’t create Art or Travel, I wouldn’t have anything to market. And yet, guess which category consistently takes up more of my time than it should? Yep – Online Marketing!

This does not come as a surprise to me, but every now and again I need a visual reminder like this to refocus my energies on what is most important.

Which is why I am now getting up from the computer to go and check my latest experimental painting!
See you next time.