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Alison Nicholls walking her dog, Chase.

Silence Has A Mighty Noise. Listen To It!

The other day I woke up feeling like I’d slept in a small box with my fists clenched, teeth grinding and brain working overtime – not exactly well-rested!  Needless to say, I was not looking forward to doing a day’s work. But before the working day starts, I walk my German Shepherd dog, Chase.

Alison Nicholls walking her dog, Chase.

Alison Nicholls walking her dog, Chase (last year, in the Fall!).

And that is when my day began to change. The weather was beautiful and my mood began to lighten. I tried to think of nothing and just enjoy the walk. And soon I was enjoying the walk… I came home stretched out, relaxed, and ready to start the day again.

Walking is part of my painting routine, as it allows me to think about new ideas and think through problems. But even before I began painting, I have always needed to get out in the fresh air to clear my head. At college, I sometimes used to take off on my own for an early morning walk at the weekends, heading out across the fields of Staffordshire. I have always needed space and time to be alone. Maybe this is why I also love deserts (and desserts, I love those too!).

Later that day I saw a link on a friend’s Facebook page to this article in the New York Times How Walking In Nature Changes The Brain by Gretchen Reynolds. And then I was reminded of this African proverb:
Silence has a mighty noise.
Yes, it does!

Until next time…happy walking in the woods

Alison Nicholls and Chase

What Are My Wildest Dreams?

What are my wildest dreams?
That is one of the questions I am answering as part of Blogging 201. Admittedly the full question is ‘what would my blog look like in my wildest dreams’? But if I’d started with that, you probably wouldn’t have bothered reading this.

Alison Nicholls and Chase

Alison Nicholls and Chase consider a blogging question, with differing levels of enthusiasm.

Blogging 201 has just started. It’s written by the WordPress.com team and they send an email a day for the next month, containing information, inspiration and advice about blogging; tackling a different issue every day. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the emails. And so is my dog.

So what would my blog look like in my wildest dreams? Lets see…

  • Whenever I posted an image of a new painting or sketch, it would sell by the end of the day.
  • My Art Safaris would be full within a month of posting details.
  • A publisher would offer me a book contract to create a series of books based on my visits to conservation organizations in Africa.
  • A production company would ask me to make a TV series in Africa featuring my art and conservation.
  • I would have several hundred comments and at least 100 shares on every blog post.

I could go on, but maybe I’m just being greedy!

It might seem like a wildly optimistic list but wait…you can help!
Start me on the road to hundreds of comments and shares by commenting and sharing now. Unless you are an art collector, publisher or producer – in which case please drop me an email!

Enjoy the weekend.