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Dog Pack Field Sketch © Alison Nicholls 2015

African Wildlife Sketch #20 – Painted Dogs in the Morning by Alison Nicholls

We had searched unsuccessfully for painted dogs for a couple of days, then one morning this pack appeared right outside our Mana Pools campsite in Zimbabwe. They relaxed for a few moments then got up, greeted each other and immediately set off hunting. Within 5 minutes they were heading off to the right, then reappeared running in the opposite direction in hot pursuit of an impala ram, which they caught by the river. This sketch was the calm before the storm!

Dog Pack Field Sketch © Alison Nicholls 2015

Painted Dogs in the Morning Field Sketch, watercolor by Alison Nicholls

All my field sketches, are created in Africa directly from life, or sketched back at camp purely from my memory of sightings. They are completely finished in Africa and I use no photos or video reference at any time in their creation. It is always tempting to add finishing touches back in the studio, but I avoid this to ensure that my field sketches really are field sketches. 

The Original Field Sketch is watercolor & pencil on watercolor paper, 11×14″, priced at US$300. Limited Edition Giclées are available, priced at US$120 each. Only 10 copies are available, printed using archival inks on watercolor paper, 14×11″, all signed and numbered by me.

A donation will be made to African conservation from every sale.

Until Nov 22, I will be sharing 1 of my new African field sketches every day. The new sketches are shown to my newsletter readers a full day before they are shown here. Click here to Join my Mailing List and see the sketches as soon as they are released, or see them here 1 day later.

Wherever and whenever you see them, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.
Tomorrow’s sketch is of an elephant bull.
Until then…