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Zebra, pastel 20x16" by Alison Nicholls

Art Challenge Day 2 – Wildlife in Detail

Zebra, pastel 20x16" by Alison Nicholls

Zebra, pastel 20×16″ by Alison Nicholls

At Rest ANicholls

At Rest, cheetah in pastel 20×16″ by Alison Nicholls

Pride-On-The-Move by Alison Nicholls

Pride On The Move, lions in pastel 20×30″ by Alison Nicholls

Day 2 of the Art Challenge.
After a while, surrounded by wildlife during my bush trips, I decided I really needed to start using animals in my paintings. I switched to pastel for a while and loved using the colored papers. But using this like a drawing medium meant that once again detail was the focus of my work (still surrounded by space, but lots of detail nevertheless) And if you want this level of detail, you really have to work from photos, something I desperately wanted to get away from, but couldn’t figure out how.

Next time, I realize that field sketching is the way out of my dilemma.

And the next artist I’d like to nominate for the Art Challenge is Karen Laurence-Rowe, whose paintingsĀ are so wonderfully expressive (I was particularly struck by her giraffes). So enjoy her work and I’ll be back tomorrow, with field sketches.

Until then…

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