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World Wildlife Day images from Alison Nicholls

World Wildlife Day – Good News Stories!

On this World Wildlife Day lets look back at some of the good news stories about wildlife from 2020. Yes, there really were some!!

World Wildlife Day images from Alison Nicholls

World Wildlife Day – a selection of Daily Sketches, available on Etsy with 50% of sale price donated to conservation.

China gave pangolins their highest status of protection, and removed them from their list of approved traditional medicine ingredients.

Colorado voters approved a measure to bring back gray wolves, after an 80 year absence. They will be reintroduced into the southern Rockies in 2022/23.
Go Colorado!

Much of the world’s wildlife benefitted from our lock-downs and expanded their ranges and activity, while we took more of an interest in our gardens and parks, and the creatures that share them with us. Many of us created space in our gardens specifically to attract pollinators & birds or provide shelter for reptiles and amphibians. 
Way to go, people!

Australia reintroduced Tasmanian devils to the mainland after they were hunted to extinction there almost 3000 years ago. Their scavenging should help restore healthy ecosystems.
Good on ya!

The 4th annual international effort to stop the illegal trade in flora and fauna was a success. Operation Thunder 2020, led by Interpol and the World Customs Organization, involved more than 100 countries and confiscated thousands of wildlife products and some live animals.
Good work!

Several high-profile private zoo owners in the US faced charges relating to their abuse of animals in their care.
Excellent! Hopefully, the public will see these facilities for what they really are, and will decide not to visit them. 

France banned wild animals in circuses

We have far to travel but we know the right trail to take. So let’s get going!

My daily sketches are available on Etsy, with 50% of the sale price donated to African conservation organizations, and free shipping within the US.


Bald Eagle by Nigel Nicholls

World Wildlife Day 2020

On this World Wildlife Day try imagining a world without wildlife. Why? Because the survival of millions of species (some as yet unknown to science) is in our hands. Quietly and unnoticed by many of us, wildlife is vanishing from the woods, skies, oceans, streams and rivers, plains, mountains and deserts. Some species thrive in our backyards, towns & cities, but around the world many, many, more are declining at a horrifying speed. 

Bald Eagle by Nigel Nicholls

A Bald Eagle sits on a dead tree in Yellowstone.   Photo by Nigel Nicholls.

As a species we can be destructive and cruel, but we are also creative, caring and extremely powerful. With the right help, we can bring species back from the brink of extinction. America’s Bald Eagle is a notable example.

Life finds a way. That is the well-known saying. But ‘finding a way’ is becoming increasingly difficult for many species as habitat is lost, water and air polluted. So, on this World Wildlife Day, lets make a decision to help wildlife find a way, because a world that is healthier for wildlife is a world that is healthier for us too.

Check out Nature Needs Half.

More next time!