Alison-Nicholls in Tanzania

Alison Nicholls sketching in Tanzania

I recently joined the Creative Advisory Board of Pencils For Africa (PFA) and have just been interviewed by Chelsea, an 8th grader who is one of the Assistant Editors of the Pencils for Africa website. Here is her first question for me:

What was your early inspiration to become an artist?

And my answer:

When I was growing up I had no intention of being an artist. I enjoyed art but did not study it at school beyond the age of 13. Being an ‘army brat’ and having traveled widely at a young age, I was interested in international relations and history and these are the subjects I studied for my degree in the United Kingdom. It was when I moved to Zimbabwe in 1994 with my husband, that my interest in art was rekindled by the people, places & wildlife I saw around me. We moved to neighboring Botswana in 1996 and by the time we left Africa in 2002, I was well on the road to painting full-time.

Further on in the interview I explain why I use vibrant colors, how I would describe Botswana in one word and what has been my most interesting experience in Africa (a clue: it involves an elephant calf and a rope!).

Read the rest of the interview here.

Learn more about Pencils For Africa.

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