The Artists Statement – A Hilarious Video by Charlotte Young

For those who are not artists, here’s a little background. Artists generally need to have a Biography (personal background), a Resumé (training, exhibition history etc) and an Artists Statement (why, how, what you create).

Given the diverse nature of the arts and artists, these items very hugely from person to person, as they should. But anyone who attends art events will be familiar with the Artists Statement which seems to be written to make the artist and their work appear incredibly intellectual, often to the point that no normal person could possibly interpret what they are doing or what they aim to achieve.

I am currently creating a new Artists Statement so when I discovered this hilarious video from Charlotte Young I had to share it.

When I finish my Artists Statement I will watch this video again and, with any luck, will notice no similarities between this and my own!

Until next time…

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