Victoria Falls by Nigel Nicholls © 2013

Victoria Falls by Nigel Nicholls © 2013

The Smoke that Thunders.
Or, as you may know it, Victoria Falls.

These spectacular falls are where the mighty Zambezi River tumbles over sheer cliffs on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. I have visited many times over the years and it never fails to impress. Viewing from the Zimbabwe side, standing opposite the falls you can look straight across and see the beauty of the river upstream, sweeping around rocks, with palm trees in the distance and spray flickering in the air (which makes photography very difficult at times). But inevitably your gaze is also drawn downward, following the plunging water, into the abyss. There is beauty here too but it is a heart-stopping, staggering beauty of destruction and power. You realize that nothing could survive this plunge over the edge of the gorge and you find yourself checking your handhold or stepping backwards, particularly near Danger Point where there are no fences to keep you from the precipice.

Then you walk further and see the bungy-jumpers on the Victoria Falls Bridge throwing themselves off in spectacular leaps.
And, if you have any sense, you have a long cool drink!

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