New Limited Edition Giclées by Alison Nicholls

Fashionable Color Palettes – Artistic Smart Move or Sellout?

A while ago a good friend of mine pointed out that most of my paintings in a certain color palette were sold. At the end of each year I look at my sales and try to determine trends, including general color schemes, but I have never made a point of checking out the current season’s ‘fashionable’ colors and using them in my art. Instead, I have used color to indicate the time of day, or mood. But, like most people, I do have my own favorites, colors that I turn to again and again in my art. So my friend’s comment got me thinking – would checking out and using some of the seasonal color palettes help me get out of a color rut, when I’m tempted to turn yet again to my favorite colors? Would it increase my sales? And do I want to go down that road?

New Limited Edition Giclées by Alison Nicholls

New Limited Edition Giclées by Alison Nicholls

Before I tell you my own opinions (in next week’s post) I’d like to ask you for your opinions. Are seasonal color palettes, like Pantone’s Fashion Color Report, useful tools for a savvy artist, or do they interfere with your unique artistic vision?

Let me know your thoughts and I may feature them in my post next week.
Until then…

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