Artist Alison Nicholls in her studio

Working From Home

Working from home is something I do almost every day. As an artist I am used to being alone, creating and adhering (mostly) to my own schedule. When I look at my calendar and see an empty week ahead, with no interruptions, I’m usually very happy as it means I have a week of painting ahead. Of course I love to meet up with friends, and with other artists, but I do need my alone time to be creative.

Artist Alison Nicholls in her studio

Studio time

As the Covid 19 situation develops, more people will be working from home, and it can be quite an adjustment when you are used to the routine and social nature of working in an office. So here are my tips for working from home and maintaining your sanity!

Decide what time you need to get up, in order to start work at your normal time, then set your alarm clock. Don’t wake up at midday because you stayed up till 2am watching movies.

Shower and get dressed. Don’t work in your pajamas. Start work at your normal time.

Sit at a desk or table to work. Don’t work lying on the sofa, in bed, or in front of the TV.

Take breaks as you would at work. Take your normal lunch break. Finish work at your normal time.

Keep to your usual schedule for eating, sleeping, shopping, doing laundry, exercising. Don’t spend the morning doing laundry then realize you’ll be doing work till 1am to catch up.

If it helps, find a colleague to keep you accountable. Check in with each other when you start work and during your agreed break times.

If you don’t have a lot of space, be sure to tidy your work area at the end of the day, so you don’t feel like work is all around you when you are off the clock.

Given the ever-changing news situation it’s tempting to keep an eye on the news at all times. When you work from home it’s easy to eat breakfast in front of the TV then keep it on throughout the day, so you hear the breaking news as it happens. We all know this isn’t conducive to being productive, but its so easy to do. I can tell you from bitter experience that you won’t feel better at the end of the day if you do this. (You probably also won’t feel better informed, but that’s a whole other story!) Obviously you will want to keep yourself updated on developments but try to limit it to your break times.

If you are falling asleep while working (it happens), try a 10-minute power nap. I swear by these. Set an alarm for 10 minutes and put it out of reach so you have to get up to turn it off. Or, if you aren’t a power nap person, try a quick dance instead. Or play with the dog. But then remember to go back to work.


Powernaps are great

Get outside as much as you can when you’re not working. Get some spring sunshine. Being outdoors is the best cure for stress.

Of course I’m assuming that you do want to be productive while working from home. If you don’t, here is my advice: Wake up late. Keep the TV on all day. Work on your laptop while lying in bed. If you get tired, sleep whenever you want and for however long you want. Spend hours on the phone with your friends alarming each other with talk of the latest breaking news. Don’t leave the house. Don’t exercise. Stay up late. Eat fast food as often as possible. Repeat.

Just think, when all this is over, you might be really, really happy to go back to your workplace. But I’ll still be really, really happy in my studio!

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